Synchronization Shouldn’t Be This Hard

We live in an era of software making access, visualization, and understanding of data easier than all previous generations even imagined. And now we are entering the era of “big data”.  So, you’d think that people can get relatively small data right. And by right I mean synchronized and accurate.

I can withdraw money from the ATM and get a text message receipt before I finish getting the money in my wallet. I order groceries on my laptop and in less than a second my phone knows.  My twitter account can be hacked and instantaneously hundreds of people are told about a miracle weight loss berry.

This is some pretty cool magic! And the reality of it is that we’ve gotten to the point where it really isn’t that hard.

So why is it that Amtrack can’t seem to figure it out.  These pictures are from a recent trip from DC to NY.

Note that both the monitor and the phone are at 7:02.  This wasn’t a momentary lapse of synchronization or a race condition that was soon self corrected.  Each status staid the same all the way through 7:10 when were boarding.


One thought on “Synchronization Shouldn’t Be This Hard”

  1. My Rant about the Process!

    The amazing thing is that the money and time is spent to create the technology, but true forethought of what the technology should functionally do, as opposed to create it because everyone else does. The pioneers who foresee the need, create the function, and execute it. (reap the rewards) then, (“others”) that feel they have a disadvantage to the true pioneers,

    Why does big business fear this, because you have to create it and be smart enough to implement it. You cannot buy it, and (“they”) big business that has had all the advantages for so long feel it is unfair ?

    Huh, welcome to the world today! Old world thinking, combined with today’s fast pace or tech. If you don’t regulate it, and allow it how does this contribute to unfair advantages?

    Technology today will breed the new “Super Wealthy” Why take time and effort to create technology to follow or copy someone else business/ or system / method, unless you can improve on it.

    I fully agree with you complete ideology about your comment.

    Sorry about the rant, just my two cents.

    Jason Swartz
    Dallas, TX.

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