Where does the money go?

Earlier today I posted on how education had to change and I wasn’t happy with the current system and options for my kids. My grandmother replied within minutes with basic premise: we should talk about this but no one wants to pay more taxes.

I agree, no one does. Especially into a failing system.

But let’s talk money.  I’m using here and here as sources. The data is from 2010 – 2011 but I can’t imagine it changed much from year to year.

The Chicago basics:

  • Average classroom size: 25 kids
  • Money spent per student: $13,000

That’s $325,000 per classroom.  This is pretty damned good. This is more than pretty damned good.  $325,000 / class room should be a world class education!

The solution cannot be that we need more money. The solution has to be that we need to spend the money better.  If a CEO had such bad results with $325,000 / classroom the CEO would be on the street. Where is this money going? It certainly isn’t going towards quality education.