Day of the Garden

Today was the Day of the Garden! I spent a good part of this 85° mid-May day getting the back garden set for summer. I tied grape vines to the lattice in hopes of training them for full coverage, cleaned out the herb garden and gave it a deep watering. I was pleasantly surprised to find the blooming sage buzzing with bees, which is a great sign for the summer. Even though we’ve only had about a month of good growing weather, the 20 foot raised herb and grape garden is looking abundant!


I also tended to my 12 x 4 square foot garden. The 16 sq. ft. of kale, swiss chard and spinach I planted earlier this spring is coming along nicely and the spinach that made it through the winter is starting to get out of hand. I predict a spinach salad (or 5) in my future. I also got in all of my tomatos, eggplants, tomatillos, patty pan squash and bell peppers. Plus I sowed some arugula and Italian basil. I’m hoping to get some some cucumbers and green beans going tomorrow.


And when Bella was down, dinner was done, and the house was quiet, I finally found some time to tuck into A Rich Spot of Earth, the history of Thomas Jefferson’s retirement garden at Monticello, as told by Monticello’s head gardener, Peter Hatch. I’m a fourth the way in and so far it is a fantastic history of a fascinating man’s garden (note to self, Jefferson deserves a Bio Better than Fiction post).

The book is made even better by great pairing of Hudson Manhattan Rye on the rocks.

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