Polo Takes Over North Beach

A few months back Simone saw something online about Beach Polo being played in Chicago. We bought some VIP passes thinking it would be a fun and interesting way to spend a fall Saturday. It doesn’t happen often, but we were right.

It was a beautiful but cold day to spend on the lake and view was incredible for the 5 hours we were there.  The mustardy yellow of Chicago’s beaches, bright blue skys with expansive, low hanging cloudscapes. And between the two were charging horses with a backdrop of crashing gunmetal gray waves.


The event itself was a lot of fun. There was a good DJ playing between matches, the included food was provided by Union Sushi, an open bar sponsored by Grey Goose, and beach polo is a lot of fun. The mens matches were more exciting as they were very aggressive riders who were incredibly physical and daring considering the lack of protective gear. Also, they could put that ball almost exactly where they wanted it every time. Consider this, the mallet they hit with has a surface area that is like an empty paper towel roll, from their eyes to the ball is roughly 8 feet, there was a 15mph wind off the lake, and to top it all off they were riding a horse at full speed.  It was amazing they could even make contact, let alone pass by perfectly leading another rider and horse charging down the side of the field.

The women in the two opening matches weren’t as practiced or aggressive but they were still very impressive. Their matches were a bit slower but that was actually nice because it was easier to follow, giving me a chance to learn a bit about the sport and the strategy involved.

For more photos, go here.

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  1. OK – Lest you wonder if Louisvile is a small town – I meant to tell you after your text to me…Chad Middendorf is not related, BUT, I mentioned you comments to me to Grandmother, and she immediately picked up on it! Grandmother heard about him at her hairdressers…it seems he married another patron’s granddaughter, and moved here from DesMoines,Iowa…he has been in the society pages photos! Apparently a good polo player.

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